Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Momotombo Press

I followed Eduardo's links to recent Momotombo Press interviews. I love these interviews. I have all of the MP chapbooks, and each one is a wonderful work of art. I love using these beautiful books in my classes. Hats off to Francisco Aragón (w/ Letras Latinas at Notre Dame), María Meléndez, and Richard Yañez for this important work.

In addition to Eduardo's recent interviews, it's great to see that Carolina Monsivais conducted an interview with Michelle Otero about Michelle's essay-collection Malinche's Daughter. ¡Viva las mujeres! And I'm going to miss :( Carolina reading with María Meléndez this Friday (I think it's this Friday night) at New Mexico State University. If anyone's in the area--check out the reading... two Chicanas gonna rock da house.