Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not the Olympic Torch

Not the Olympic torch. Not the border though near it. Driving to work with dirty windshield down Alameda Wednesday afternoon. Camera more swervy than writing while driving (I do love writing while driving but not this day). Feels over a hundred degrees and hotter near mountain view. The car ahead's all lit up too. Hint of impending dust storm, feels like ozone action day in eyes.

Great rappers at the library presentation for youth Wednesday afternoon. Cool video and song about the matachines. Good to see a music video set in downtown Juárez.

If you know of any young folks in the area, please spread the word:

Two free poetry workshops for young adults
Thursday, July 22nd:
-Ysleta branch library 1-3pm
-Lower Valley branch library 4-6pm
Facilitator: E. Pérez

-Open mic for teens/young adults
Tuesday, June 27th at 3:30pm
main library downtown

Last open mic was a blast. Looking forward to this one too. Free concert afterwards. Libraries are awesome.

Learned that some kids stay in the library from opening to closing M-F in summer. Library as protector. This makes me sad. Grateful too though.

For more info, please visit Spoken and Written Word Poetry Project for El Paso Youth website at



gina said...

"Learned that some kids stay in the library from opening to closing M-F in summer. Library as protector."

Thank God for libraries. I found shelter there too as a kid for a time when the chollo gangs were claiming their own.

I keep coming back to this photograph, Emmy. Tell me what industry?

Emmy said...

Hi Gina: It's good to hear that you found comfort in the libraries as a child. You would identify with many of these kids.

As for the photo, it is an oil refinery. I believe that Chevron used to own it and it was sold a few years ago to another company. I drove around that neighborhood today and it is so much like my own... little adobes, Franklin canal, nice and calm, except for that terrible oil refinery smell... ugh. It was such a contrast to see the swollen canal and thriving cottonwoods right next to it all.
Here's an article I found about the scary flame the other day:

Thanks for responding to the post.

gina said...

Thanks, Emmy. For the article too. I drive through El Paso every year (often twice a year) when I visit my mom in Del Rio, so I know the smell of oil refining. Other industry too.

Emmy said...

Hi Gina,
I didn't know you drive through here... If you happen to be driving to Del Rio this summer, let me know if you'll be in El Paso. Would be cool to set-up a reading or just hang out. Plus you're more than welcome to stay at my house if you need a place to crash during your trip.

Thanks again for keeping in touch--