Friday, July 07, 2006


Wishing a very speedy recovery to poet raulsalinas, an extraordinary activist in our communities. Received word today that he was hospitalized this weekend. He is home now—I send him all of my prayers.

During a recent visit to El Paso, raul made it a priority to visit an alternative school and share his poetry, encouragement, and experiences with the high school students. I feel extremely fortunate to learn about his life and his work with youth that afternoon during lunch with him and friends. I am in deep admiration of his commitment to working with incarcerated youth too. At the time, I had only taught a few months at the detention center—his example continues to guide me.

With gratitude and many prayers for raul...


Suzanne said...

Sad news about your friend, I'll add my prayers.

I admire both of you very much, I've always thought that if the opportunity presented itself--for me to teach--I would love to teach incacerated girls, or teens in alternative schools, or youth at risk. Yes, now that I've written it, I know those would be the groups I would be drawn to.

Again my postive thoughts and prayers are on their way.

Emmy said...

Dear Suzanne: thank you so much for sending your good energy and care in raul's direction.

While I just met raul briefly this year, his generosity during our brief visit in El Paso has left a lasting impression on me. He shared many of his experiences teaching youth throughout the years, and his commitment is inspiring.

I hope that you do seek out an opportunity to teach underserved youth... I encourage you. You could begin by volunteering in a detention center or alternative school and maybe apply for a grant to support your efforts. In my experience so far these past six months, the students have really impacted my life. I hope you do make an opportunity happen and I'd be happy to give my humble advice if ever needed.

Here is some info. on Red Salmon Arts, describing raul's organization in Austin:

and here's an article about raul:

All best,

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much, Emmy, that's very kind of you and don't be surprised if I take you up on it! xo