Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sunday morning: awakened by the Great Kiskadee.

Listen here.


Lee Herrick said...

How nice to wake up to that sound. Relaxing.

Emmy said...

Hi Lee. It was really cool to hear then see that little great kiskadee up close. Then I saw a bunch more... funny how I hadn't noticed before then they all came at once though it's probably because I finally stopped running around and looked for them. Breathed. The recording I found online is calm... though the first little great kiskadee in my yard was lovely loud. :) I want to write a poem like that. Looks pretty but loud like a monkey.

Hope you had a great b-day weekend.

Lee Herrick said...

It turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and chowed down.

The bird sound reminded me of my "bird refuge" that I've tried to start---putting about four feeders in my backyard with sunflower seeds and other seeds they're supposed to like. I get some blue jays and some other brown birds I can't identify, but it's not the raging bird scene I'd hoped for. Maybe it takes time. Or, like you say (about breathing), maybe I need to look more closely.

Emmy said...

I hope more arrive soon... they will.

Anonymous said...
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