Thursday, December 07, 2006


I finally took note today (breathed) that it is December. December!

One of my first December memories: taking a bite out of the styrofoam ice cream cone decoration dangling from the Christmas tree. I really thought it would taste like chocolate chips. I remember wanting to taste it for days and days until I finally gave in when no one was looking.

I saw a firefly yesterday near a soccer field. I'm still impressed with fireflies, especially on cool days in Texas, but a locked-up grass field bothers me.

Today I almost asked a woman in line behind me (too close behind) if she'd like to slug me with her chorizo links so that I'd inch up more for her to feel like the long line at the grocery store were moving faster. At the time I felt impatience is a kind of violence. Now I think it's humorous.

It’s been raining all day. If you told me it was late August or September I’d believe it.

I vacillate between wanting beauty, boredom, and excitement as distractions.

I want to write more entries but gotta finish up semester first. Soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Christmas ornaments are so delicious. I'm sure I've eaten one too at some point. And yet it's all glass, bauble, and wire, artfully done.

--I hear you won't be at AWP. I'm disappointed, was looking forward to talking to you in person. But as it turns out, I'm driving through El Paso around the 21st...

Emmy said...

gina... yes, aren't they? :) yikes, i'm grateful that my experience included somewhat digestable items :).

i won't be at awp this year... taking a break plus arts festival on campus that i'm looking forward to. i hope you all have a great time and i'll especially miss the anthololgy reading!!!!

will you be returning through el paso too? i'm going to nueva york for a few days before christmas then i'll be in ept a few days after and for new years. would be great to see you if you're headed back that way too. maybe we could have a gathering if so (maybe sheryl will be down for a visit too). you're welcome to stay over if you need a place to crash... my email is my first and last name at hotmail. would be great to visit... have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately I'm driving through to Del Rio to see my mama for Christmas, then driving back to IL. Ah well, it was worth a try. Maybe next summer...

Emmy said...

So sorry to miss you... have a great trip to Del Rio! Yes, hopefully our paths will cross this summer!