Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you are willing to lose sight of the shore." works for me, the fortune cookie. time to swim out there - way out there.

had a good trip to NY then to EPT.

snowing in ept today upon departure. great to see many friends these past few days. good to hear the roosters crowing each morning, afternoon, evening. jackrabbit sprinting superfast in the old cemetery. good to decorate gravestone with pinecones and bird-cracked pecan shells.

"urban owl" (wish this pic were sharper) in the parking lot of the two dollar movie theater a few days ago. te quiero mucho.

i am impressed with the work of artist francisco delgado, the paso del sur group, and community members in the segundo barrio. here's a picture of a small section of the new mural they're working on at sacred heart church:
Here are more shots of the project from the paso del sur website and a note about the paso del sur group's renewed mission for the new year despite the city-approved paso del norte group's so-called 'revitalization' plan that seeks to destroy the heart of the segundo barrio surrounding the church through community displacement and destruction via the likely abuse of eminent domain: "HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. May our New Year's resolution be to fight against the forces of destruction that threaten our binational community. May we do it with creativity and persistence. Let's fight for a new vision of what our city and our neighborhoods can be like; a vision that is not based on displacement, arrogance, usurpation and division. Let's demonstrate that the Segundo Barrio community too has a vision for how to better itself through art, culture and community-inspired revitalization projects that include everyone—residents, artists, small business owners and all who want to show solidarity in a spirit of respect..."

With much peace and love for a healthy, happy 2007.

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