Sunday, June 10, 2007

Creature, Creature

Check out Creature, Creature by Rebecca Aronson. Beautiful writing throughout. Congrats, Rebecca!

From Amazon: About Rebecca Aronson's debut collection of poetry, Linda Bierds writes, "Who are the creatures echoing forth from this book's title? The square-bodied spider, black against glass? The clicking crickets and their human counterparts, kicking free of a warm night's blanket? The hollow-horned sea goats of the imagination? Yes. And more. And more. 'Every body is a den of dens,' Aronson writes. 'Each thin wall contains its own warren..' And so, in this remarkable debut collection, 'we cluster and recur... an echo's echo.' But it is the eye, finally, that, open or shut, navigates these chambers of self and other--and Aronson's is superb." Selected by acclaimed author Claire Davis as the first recipient of the Main-Traveled Roads Poetry prize, Aronson's book is remarkable and promising of a bright poetic career.


Lee Herrick said...

i'll check it out. thanks, emmy. hope summer's treating you well.

Emmy said...


my summer's going well... just finishing up a summer class right now. looking forward to reading your book this summer and many others.

hope you have a great time in guatemala.