Wednesday, June 16, 2010

donna, tejas


Robert Vasquez said...


Are you the artist? I like it. Not only are you talented as a poet and photographer, but you're also a painter!

All the best,


Emmy said...

Hi Robert,

I'm not the artist... it's a mural on Business 83 in Donna, Tejas... this picture I took is only one part of the larger mural. I'm going to place a link to the larger mural (on post title). Click the link to see the larger mural that I believe was created by a community arts organization and local youth. It's a wonderful mural that I passed by many times. One day I finally got out of my car and took many photos. I posted this one because this part tells a lot of the whole. Many thanks for your generous post. I am still thinking about your wonderful suggestion about the green light go photo I posted a while back. Thank you.