Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carmen de la Calle - Amalia Ortiz play in San Antonio

Sunday, July 24
2:00pm Carmen de la Calle
When: Sun, July 24, 2pm – 4pm

Where:Say Si Blackbox Theatre, 1518 s. alamo, san antonio tx 78204

Description: Concert Preview Performance of the New Musical “Carmen de la Calle” written by Award Winning poet Amalia Ortiz.

Must be comfortable learning basic dance choreography *

"Synopsis: Set in 1989 San Antonio and the present, this adaptation of George Bizet’s classic opera dives deep into the themes of passion and envy in portraying the lives and struggles of the marginalized and working classes of South Texas. “Carmen de la Calle” highlights the hybridity of Tex-Mex culture by incorporating the melodrama of novellas (Mexican soap operas), spoken word, bilingualism, and the musical confluence of Mexican standards, modern Tejano, Hip-Hop and the music of 1989 pop culture.

The story begins in present day with Mercedes, who sits behind her bar and tells us the tragic story of her friend, Carmen. With the musical help of her DJ nephew and the house band, Mercedes guides the audience through a flashback of her youth in San Antonio.

Through a series of musical performances and spoken word narration, audiences will be swept up in the lives of Carmen, a gorgeous and tenacious
femme fatale factory worker and Queen of the Theo Avenue Gs, her lover Joe, a straight laced all-American Military Police officer who grew up in the Valley, and neighborhood homies like Frasquita, a female emcee with big hair, big earrings and big attitude, and Don Cairo, Carmen’s macho equal, aspiring rapper, and leader of the Theo Avenue Gs.

With live musical accompaniment provided by members of the San Antonio musical group, Los Nahuatlatos, and original dance choreography, this groundbreaking New Musical by Amalia Ortiz will engage audiences like no other.

Produced by ColectivaSA"


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