Friday, September 15, 2006


Thanks for info on the poetry bus tour, Eduardo. I haven’t paid much attention... maybe because I knew that under representation was likely. In other words, I’m not shocked. Perhaps it strikes a chord in some people because it is indicative of larger issues in our communities and country, such as school curriculums, the power structure, and many, many more issues beyond the poetry world.

“Emerging poets” is the key here. If few emerging poets of color are included, perhaps this strikes another chord that maybe things haven’t changed as much as many would like to believe, not just with this tour, but with other issues that affect people of color in our communities as well.

I propose to anyone who wishes more poets of color were included in the tour: on the day(s) the poetry bus stops in your state, ride the public bus and pass out poems by poets of color, read work in a public library or a shelter or a school... teach someone in the neighborhood who has never written a poem to write one.

And then let's keep it going beyond that date.


jp said...

hey, i just found yr web log. so good to cyber-run into you. we met before at oilcan harry or somesuch 4th st bar during the awp. you remember?

peace, jp

ps email contact info is on my web log. love to hear from you. love your language. your words. for reals.

Emmy said...

Hi jp! Great to hear from you! How's Houston? I will send an email soon and keep in touch thru your blog. Thanks for writing.