Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Wind Shifts

Wow! I love María Meléndez's poetry:

"We slip into the continuum
of women destroyed or nearly destroyed,
women who surface in frightening forms
and wreak their stories on shores."

excerpt from "A Secret by Lady Poets" by María Meléndez forthcoming in The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry edited by Francisco Aragón. Read the whole poem here on Sharkforum, in an entry that describes the anthology (my title poem from Solstice here too).
Sharkforum on The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry

Also check out Maria's book How Long She'll Last in the World.


Suzanne said...

Both of those poems kick ass! Thanks for the link, Emmy, I will definitely be getting a copy of "The Wind Shifts."

Emmy said...

thanks, suzanne, for reading the poems!

Alexis said...

Emmy, you do an excellent job in terms of advertising for upcoming poets. Check out my poetry in my blog (just click on the name). Tell me what you think. I hope that you can advertise for me, too.

Emmy said...

thanks for dropping by, alexis. i'll check out your blog soon.