Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Other Fugitives and Other Strangers" Book Review

"I unmourn the murdered sissy of my youth,
the sack of discarded pigtails and puckered lips that
burst like an appendix. I hold my scar for the man
who’ll split it open with his gorgeous thumbs, who with his
teeth will liberate the pin-pierced mariposa of my tongue."

-- excerpt from the poem "Of Despots and Deities” by Rigoberto González. Gorgeous writing throughout this beautiful poetry book, Other Fugitives and Other Strangers.

--my book review in today's El Paso Times.

Read some poems from the book on the Tupelo Press website and Poetry Daily.


Madhatter said...

Now that I've found you...I can never think of something acadmiky
too say. I like your articles/blog/take on stuff...
And realize I'm every English major and Linguist nightmare).

So as always I'll end this with a quote:

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?
- Henry Ward Beecher

Madhatter said...


Hector Carbajal said...

I have to read this book this upcoming summer!

Wow! Great!

Anonymous said...

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