Saturday, September 08, 2007

[el camino de mi alma] by roberto harrison

"i go back
i go forth
i am home

i am crustaceous
in the land of canals
in the knot of 3 rivers

i am the moon
in the shine
of a Quetzal

i am the Choco,
the Cuna,
and the colorless loss
of each Mola--
each wood..."

Excerpt from Counter Daemons by Roberto Harrison. To read more of [el camino...] and an interview with Roberto Harrison, visit here.

I recently picked up this book and I am thoroughly energized by what I have read so far. Here is another excerpt from Counter Daemons that i admire (it's from the section "[Face Time]"):

"i snake up the panther with claws

i bear the arrival of horses

i eagle the loss for the clouds

i deer all the skinny coyotes

i sink in the ground with the animals hidden--

i am a kernel of entry"...


"X" said...

I love these verses! I'm going to have to get this for my poetry collection!

Thanks for posting!

barbara jane said...

wow, awesome. thanks for posting this, emmy. and yes, i too am going to have to read this.