Friday, September 07, 2007

Teeth by Aracelis Girmay

I remember reading Rigoberto González's book review of Teeth by Aracelis Girmay and wanting to buy her book. I ordered it last week and it arrived today. I'm looking forward to reading this book in its entirety soon. But on my quick glance through it so far, I love how there is a poem about Santa Ana -- "Santa Ana of Grocery Carts." Here is an excerpt:

"... Santa Ana of cross-guards, tomato pickers,
bakeries of bread in pinks & yellows, sugars.
Santa Ana of Cambodia, Viet Nam, Aztlán..."

Oh, I loved, loved reading this poem about my hometown in Cali.

Here's a link to another poem from the collection called "Arroz Poetica," and on this page there is a link to a video of Girmay reading from her work.


Francisco Aragón said...

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Araceli in NYC. She was nice enough to attend my ACENTOS reading last May. I met her along with poet John Murillo, who was also there. Araceli, because she has a new book to promote, will be one of the ten featured visiting poets for PALABRA PURA 2008. The 2008 line-up is nearly complete. Stay tuned.

Rich said...

tee hee

That was me in the tape introducing Martin! And that was indeed Acentos. How cool. And Ara. What a poet. What a night.

Hope to meet you soon, Ms. Perez.

Rich Villar.