Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Robert Vasquez said...

Dear Emmy,

I've always appreciated the photographs you place on your website, but this one just shouts out to be used for the cover of a book: it's simply wonderful.

On a related topic, did you happen to view the documentary about Henri Cartier-Bresson on cable (I think it was on the Sundance channel)? He was my first influence when I took up photography in high school and continued to take photos until I sold my Leica M3 just before I went to grad school. Another wonderful photographer, Josef Koudelka, was also on the documentary (Cartier-Bresson was his mentor). I'm just curious if you're also a fan of Cartier-Bresson.

All the best,


Emmy said...

thanks, robert. i haven't seen the documentary but i will look for it - thank you for the recommendation. i appreciate you sharing all of this great information with me.

for me, taking photos, even if they're not technically great, helps me see and experience the world more. then it helps me write. for some odd reason the process enhances my experience in a place and then in writing helps lead to the imagination when the writing's going well.

i hope that you're still taking photos... the digital camera is like a gift from the gods. i too began with film and processing my own photos, which i loved for different reasons. when my digital camera broke a few months ago and i didn't fix it, i wasn't the same. now that it's back, i feel like i'm back.

thanks again!