Friday, March 07, 2008

From Amigos de las Mujeres de Juarez:

"Sadly, another young woman is missing from Juarez. Her name is HILDA GABRIELA RIVAS CAMPOS and she disappeared on February 25th on her way home from school, again from the center of the city. This time the authorities instituted the Alba Protocol, which is intended to link various police agencies in an immediate search, similar to Amber alerts in this country. She is the third young woman to disappear from Juarez in 2008.

Adriana Sarimiento Enriquez disappeared January 18, 2008.
Ana Christina de la O Espino disappeared on January 23, 2008.

See our website for more information on these three young women. The central area of Juarez is now officially considered an area of high risk.

The response to Amigo’s email about Adriana’s disappearance was immediate. Amnesty issued an urgent action. Unfortunately, Adriana is still missing.

Please join us for international Women’s Day, March 8th in Juarez at the Plaza de Armas for a demonstration making a shameful 15 years of femicides. See our website for details. Click on upcoming events."

Ciudad Juarez, 9am

9:00 AM - Plaza de Armas

10:30 AM - Marcha hacia la cruz del Puente

11:00 AM - Colocación de ofrendas

12:00 PM - Celebración ecuménica

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MoNiCa said...

if only the US media would take an interest in disappearing Mexican women and leave britney, paris, and lindsey alone in hollywood.