Thursday, March 08, 2007

spring break

spring break officially starts tomorrow night. can't wait. been going so fast. can't believe march snuck up. will spend most break responding to student papers, but that's okay. catching up is good.

also hope to get away for a few days, even if it's only through music and film.

looking for some mind-blowing films and albums, old and new, to get my fix. words galore but time for some good music to go with this gorgeous weather. need some good films. want to be transformed in the experience. i miss those nyc days when i knew no one except music and movies. want something really loud, something really beautiful. something heartbreaking, disturbing, gorgeous, something thrilling. i want to cry and laugh out loud and cry some more.

any suggestions?


Suzanne said...

Mad Hot Ballroom

Emmy said...

Thanks! I haven't seen it yet. Shall rent it this week!

Ivy said...

This is going to sound absolutely soppy but I watched The Bridges of Madison County a couple of nights ago and was absolutely reduced. Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood -- the unlikeliest combination -- made it work. :-)

Emmy said...

Thanks for the suggestion, ivy! I did rush out and see The Bridges right when it first came out, but muchas gracias for the tip.

Hector Carbajal said...


Some suggestions:


"La Cantina" Lila Downs
"The Making of the Trophy Grrrl!" by Lysa Flores
"Marie Antoinette" Soundtrack Various
"The Piano Set" Tori Amos
"Ingenue" kd lang (to cry lots)


"The Black Dahlia"
"Beautiful Boxer"
"Mi Vie en Rose"
"Paris is Burning" (to remind you of NY)
"Yo La Peor de Todas"

Emmy said...

thanks, hector! great suggestions. i haven't seen any of the films--great list for me to take to the video store. i have "ingenue" but haven't listened to it in a long, long time... shall do so soon. and i love lila downs but do not yet have "la cantina"--thanks for all the tips! and thanks for stopping by--gonna link to your blog right now.

Lee Herrick said...

hope you have a great break, emmy. i don't know if you've seen the brazilian film, city of god, but it's one of my favorites (though violent)---i think it does a lot of what you're looking for.


Emmy said...

thanks, lee! wow, that is a great film. i haven't seen it in awhile... perhaps I should watch it again. thank you.

brownhornet said...

Not sure if you'll find this one at the rental store yet but maybe! They've been showing it on HBO and my friend taped it for me. It's called Bastards of the Party, produced by Cle Sloan and directed by the same guy who did Training Day. Maybe rent those two together if you get tired of NY flicks. Its a real good documentary. A couple of my favorite NY flicks, Clockers and Fresh. I like Akeelah and the Bee too, that was a good movie. Or if its already out, try and see season 4 of The Wire, great stuff.

brownhornet said...

as for music, check out this album called Lazy Afternoon by Elin. Here is her myspace:

I'mma start the show off this week with the track Lazy Afternoon. my spring break starts on the 19th! Hope yours is starting off well.

Emmy said...

Hey L: The song on Elin's myspace page is beautiful... will check out her album for sure... thank you! Thanks for the recs... I liked the Akeelah and Fresh a lot... And I'll keep my eye out for the documentary you recommend too. Hope you have a great break, and thanks so much for the cds... they are awesome. it's exhilarating to hear the kids' poems on air!