Thursday, May 24, 2007

say pink peonies pink peonies pink peonies enough times and purple ponies with blonde hair appear in the television commercial of memory.

the fine print: "...few animals eat toads because they taste bad."


Suzanne said...

Wow. Is that a field of pink peonies?

Emmy said...

hi suzanne - yes, it's a peony farm in missouri that i visited last week with friends. it's a neat place - lots of different kinds of peonies - rows and rows of them. wish i could order some but don't think they'd grow in south texas. here's the website with more info:

Hector Carbajal said...
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Hector Carbajal said...

Que bonitas flores, perfectas para invitar la inspiracion!

Hope you are doing well, lovely.

Anita August's book "Gut Bucket Blues" comes out second week of June. Yahoo!



Emmy said...

hi hector! all is going well over here--thanks. hope you're on break now, and writing away. great news about anita august's book! looking forward to it.