Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa (SSGA)

The SSGA provides a place for scholars, students, and community to come together with the intention of engaging in the continued study of the intellectual and spiritual work of Chicana feminist Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa.

Who may join?

Scholars whose work engages the ideas and concepts of Anzaldúa
Students inspired by the work of Anzaldúa
Non-academics working with Anzaldúan ideas
In other words, anyone with an interest on Anzaldúa

First year (2007) of membership is dues-free. For more information and to join, please visit The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa (SSGA). The Women’s Studies Institute at the The University of Texas at San Antonio.


Francisco Aragón said...

I'm glad to be able to say that our anthology takes its name from a passage of GA's work:

Dogs sprawl in the heat
tongues loll, drip saliva,
flanks ripple off flies.
The wind shifts.
I smell mesquite burning.

from "Nopalitos"

Emmy said...

hi francisco,

i noticed that when i got my copy of 'The Wind Shifts' anthology. i love this poem from Borderlands/La Frontera. gloria's work is amazing.