Thursday, May 24, 2007

I-Outlaw: poetry from the wild wild e-west

I-Outlaw: poetry from the wild wild e-west. my prose poem "sweet metal sweet" (may 4, 2007 entry below) appears on the show.

thanks, bob, for all of your work. i enjoyed listening to the poets, your commentary, and the music.


Francisco Aragón said...

Hi Emmy:

Where do I go to listen to these poems? I remember really liking that piece when I read it a while back. Congratulations. I just sent you an e-mail about a certain (nice) matter.


Suzanne said...

Emmy (!) Beautiful reading of your beautiful poem. I love your syntax. Why does that sound dirty?Congrats!

Emmy said...

thanks for checking out the poem, suzanne and francisco.

f., to hear the show, go to and click on the blue arrow under Saturday, May 19th.

thanks again,