Monday, July 09, 2007


Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Hi Emmy, I saw your poem "La Bufadora" in San Diego last year as part of poetas y pintores. I've been to the blow hole many times. Also caught you in the Wind Shifts. Great work--it's a wonderful anthology.

Listen, after reading a little about you, I learned that you've offered workshops in detention centers. I'm curious to know more about some of the successes you've had there. Do you think you can email me at I have more specific questions about this I'd like to ask you. Thanks so much, Manuel

Suzanne said...

Emmy, your poem at the Poetry Foundation knocked my socks off! Reading it transported me -- such evocative language. Beautiful, beautiful. xo

csperez said...

hi emmy, wanted to second what suzanne wrote...amazing poem....would you happen to be able to email me?


Emmy said...

hi M., S., and C.S.--muchisimas gracias!

i will email you soon... thanks again for reading the work.

manuel, happy to send some info about teaching in detention centers.