Monday, July 16, 2007


"X" said...

This photograph reminds me of watching "Pan's Labrynth". All your photos inpire!


Thanks for the comment about Frida. Read her letters; they are very passionate!

Emmy said...

oh my goodness! i was thinking about pan's labryinth all of last week. we must be on the same wavelength.

first off, i love the film... it's one of my recent favorites. it all comes together quite brilliantly at the end and the metaphor leaves a lasting impression on the mind.

but i was thinking about it last week because i saw all kinds of buzzing creatures and dragonflies in big bend and other nature spots along the border and couldn't help but think how well the film captured the sound of wings on small creatures... to a tee! it always seems i am coming to what i call "reverse similes" in this increasingly technological and urban life, comparing the natural wing buzzing to the film's, or comparing the smell of carrizo to the smell of acrylic nail shops (though the latter is much worse!) because first came the technology and then nature for me.

hope you are doing well.


Emmy said...

i forgot to add that this little creature looked very much human to me... wish the picture were a little sharper. it was hanging out right by the hot springs on the rio grande/bravo in big bend.

Ivy said...

What a beauty.

Emmy said...

hi ivy -- yes, i haven't seen one this turquoise color before.