Tuesday, July 03, 2007

one of many h.s. graduation celebrations in l.a. county last month.

* * *

common sense that fire/ works on the 4th and any other day permissible. the quick buzz of the spinning hot flower. neon pink, neon green, big-ass lollipop you wouldn't lick or keep still on a turntable. strike, light, snuff. snake trails on the sidewalk a forbidden color chalk like leather chola bracelets. little girls don't wear black, she said. evidence suggests that turkey day declarations/decorations sit in an old suitcase of photos, postcards, and handwritten report cards with big S's and O's. evidence suggests that we were satisfactory and outstanding citizens. birthday wicks and not-for-profit fuses. close eyes and blow out like bowling for wishes or keep your eyes open wide igniting dynamite.

* * *

very interesting documentary.

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