Friday, April 04, 2008

Contamination in Mission, Tejas

I recently attended an eye-opening presentation by Iris Rodriguez about the contamination in Mission, deep south Tejas near the border, here in the Rio Grande Valley, where past and current residents have been subject to the long-lasting effects of chemical contamination and environmental racism.

"The Helena Chemical Plant site was used to manufacture and pack pesticides from 1950to 1972. It housed over 20 chemical companies that produced 18 pesticides and chemicals. Of these, eight were named part of 'The Dirty Dozen' by the United Nations, targeting them as the 'world's most dangerous chemicals.'

According to the U.N., these chemicals 'are among the most dangerous of all man-made products or wastes, causing death, disease and birth defects among humans and animals'..."

There will be a screening of the trailer for the upcoming feature documentary on the contamination in Mission this Sunday, April 6th at 7pm at the Border Theater in downtown Mission.

Click here for the recent writeup in the Rio Grande Guardian

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