Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Titles from Achiote Press

The spring edition of Achiote Seeds, Semillas de Achiote is now available. It's an honor to have work in this chapjournal with Cristina García (Dreaming in Cuban), Brenda Cárdenas (From the Tongues of Brick and Stone), and Gabriela Erandi Rico. The work by these three women, including the cover art by Celia Herrera Rodríguez, is beautiful.

And very much looking forward to reading María Tuttle's chapbook Saramé, also just published by Achiote Press. The chapbook is an excerpt from her "historical/archival novel about the life of an aspiring Opera singer in El Paso."

Saramé and Semillas de Achiote: only $12 for the pair, and available through the Achiote Press website.

¡Viva las mujeres y Achiote Press!

Craig Perez and Jennifer Reimer, the co-founders of Achiote and the editors, have put together a very impressive chapbook and chapjournal series. Their titles sell out quickly and it's easy to see why with the wonderful line-up of poets, including Barbara Jane Reyes, Mónica de la Torre, Javier O. Huerta, Truong Tran, Francisco X. Alarcón, Alfred Arteaga, Oscar Bermeo, Dolores Dorantes, Rich Villar, and many more.

About the press, from the website: "... We named our press after the Achiote tree because we believe poetry has the very same powers to enrich our surroundings, inspire our passions, enhance our senses, and heal our wounds.

To us, Achiote represents the unrepresentable, transnational, migratory, and adaptive. Achiote Press asks what it means to bear witness, to use adaptation as resistance, to cross borders, to map ourselves onto a dislocated world, to speak in exile, and to suffer diasporic hunger."

Thank you to the co-founders for this important work.


Francisco Aragón said...

They're gems, aren't they? Can't wait to get the latest installments.

Emmy said...

hi francisco. i agree!

hats off to the founders/editors and art director for this work.

noemi "hermana resist " martinez said...

ooh, anxiously waiting for paypal transfer from bank to get these...they look tasty.

Emmy said...

hi noemi - thanks for posting. i read your work in interstice and really enjoyed it.