Sunday, April 20, 2008


"For you writing is an archetypal journey home to the self, un proceso de crear puentes (bridges) to the next phase, next place, next culture, next reality. The thrust toward spiritual realization, health, freedom, and justice propels you to help rebuild the bridge to the world when you return 'home.' You realize that 'home' is that bridge, the in-between place of nepantla and constant transition, the most unsafe of all spaces.... you don't build bridges to safe and familiar territories, you have to risk making mundo nuevo, have to risk the uncertainty of change... Change requires more than words on a page -- it takes perseverance, creative ingenuity, and acts of love..."

from "now let us shift... the path of conocimiento... inner work, public acts"
by Gloria E. Anzaldúa
from this bridge we call home: radical visions for transformation
edited by gloria e. anzaldúa and analouise keating

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